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Guy's Proposal On The Brooklyn Bridge Goes Painfully Awry After Cyclist Slams Into Photographer

It had all the makings of a sweepingly romantic, only-in-New-York proposal: the grand gesture, the iconic location, the cyclist crashing into the photographer at the most inopportune moment.

That may not have been one New York couple's plan for their proposal, but it's what they got anyway! Just as the soon-to-be groom was about to pop the question on the legendary Brooklyn Bridge, with all of the city as a backdrop, the photographer the couple hired stepped in front of a cyclist and hijinks ensued.

Luckily for all of us, the hilarity was all caught on TikTok.

It all went down on Friday when Bronx resident Chris Vigo decided to pop the question to his now-fiancée, Angelina Rivera, along the Brooklyn Bridge's iconic walkway.

It all went according to Vigo's super-romantic plan. Vigo got down on one knee as Rivera looked suitably touched. But then, the couple's photographer, Josh Rosario, made a move to get the perfect shot--and stepped right into the bike lane at precisely the wrong moment.

And suddenly Rosario was being crashed into by a face-planting cyclist.

As Vigo told The New York Post:

"I gave him a cue so he knew when I would propose. He got so excited, and as he was trying to catch his angles, this guy comes and just collides with him. He hit his brakes, but it was too late."

If you've ever done the chaotic walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, you'll know that this is pretty much exactly how everyone involved should have expected the proposal to go. But who hasn't taken a few chances for the perfect romantic moment!

Thankfully, no one was hurt. The cyclist went on his way, and the proposal went off without any further hitches.

The video of the scene went viral, and there were plenty of laughs about it on TikTok.











As for the photographer, he learned a valuable lesson that day―stay out of the bike lane.

"I've lived in New York my whole life, I had never been to the Brooklyn Bridge. I didn't know there was a special bike lane. I didn't know it was going to be the way it was, how narrow it was."

I guess we just have to learn some lessons the hard way!