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Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale was arrested in Florida this past Friday, September 25 following an alleged "mental health episode."

Body cam footage of Parscale's encounter with police, however, has many conservatives up in arms. Parscale was calmly talking with a police officer when five officers approached from behind with automatic weapons and tackled him to the ground.

The police's violent response, familiar to many liberals who have been protesting police brutality for months, was an outrage to conservatives who finally seemed to care now that a Trump supporter was the victim.

Republicans' hypocrisy was not lost on Twitter.

Even so, many liberals on Twitter felt they had to do the right thing and call out the unnecessary police brutality in this video.

Even after seeing this video, however, most people didn't expect conservatives to understand the point of protests moving forward.

Others pointed out that, while Parscale's treatment was unnecessary, he emerged from the encounter relatively unharmed. The same cannot be said about many Black victims of police brutality.

Police violence is a non-partisan problem that affects people of all political affiliations, even if one side cares only when it harms one of them.