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Magazine Warns Brides To Call Off Wedding If Groom Goes To Strip Club For Bachelor Party—And Twitter Has Thoughts
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Wedding traditions are constantly evolving, changing with the times and falling in and out of fashion.

For as long as those traditions have existed, there have been people ready and willing to argue about them. Today is no different.

Evie Magazine, a publication aimed at young women, joined in the ongoing bridal battle with tweets encouraging brides to call off the wedding if the groom opts to have his bachelor party at a strip club.

While the move certainly isn't going to win any originality points, Evie didn't have any issues with the fact it's an overdone trope at this point. According to them, a bachelor party at a strip club means a man is not husband material and they had no problems telling Twitter all about it.

The magazine fired off a series of "impassioned" tweets on the matter.

Tons of people agreed and were here to shout their opinions from the rooftops.

But others thought the real red flag was the mindset behind the tweet.

Some speculated it may have been a little too "inspired by personal events."

They didn't hold back their opinions either.

The magazine took aim at men in the comments who admitted to going to strip clubs—calling them effeminate and pathetic.

Wedding wars aren't likely to end any time soon. People have passionate opinions about major life events, even when the life those events are happening to isn't their own.

Especially when the life they're up in arms about isn't their own.

Everyone is on the same page that there are red flags flying all over the place here, but people can't seem to agree on who's doing all the twirling.