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Nebraska Food Bank Sees Donations Surge After Someone Called 911 About Their Long Lines Being A 'Hazard'
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A 911 call about long lines at a food bank causing a “hazard" turned into more than $2,000 in donations.

On Tuesday, a local police scanner in Omaha, Nebraska, reported an anonymous call to the emergency services, where someone had complained a food bank line was causing a hazard and was an “ongoing issue."

Although not clear which food bank the caller was referring to, the tweet caused an outpouring of support towards the Food Bank for the Heartland in Nebraska.

People responded to the tweet with screenshots of donations to the food bank.

One person who donated $100 said:

“That is an emergency. Someone should do something."

Another added:

“Not sure if this is a challenge, but challenge accepted. Every little bit helps."

One woman said:

“On behalf of the angry caller," alongside a screenshot showing a donation of $50 for the food bank.

The Omaha Scanner Twitter account later tweeted:

“You never cease to amaze us Omaha. Way to turn a negative into such a huge positive!"
“The food bank received more than 2,000 dollars in donations that were tied back to the Omaha Scanner tweet," @Food4Heartland communications manager Angie Grote said."

The food bank wrote online:

“We certainly never want to be a hazard. We are very grateful to all who have donated! 2020 has been quite the year. We are in this together!"