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“Passing” rears its ugliness in a new way: Transpersons still confined to gender roles

How accepting and tolerant is our culture towards transgender people? Are we working towards accepting all, or only those privileged enough to pass?


New Study Reveals Biological Basis for Gender Dysphoria in Transgender Individuals

A new study reveals that the brains of transgender children and adolescents closely resemble the brain chemistry of their preferred gender.


Hollywood Keeps Casting Cisgender Actors to Play Trans. Here’s Why That’s Toxic.

Casting cisgender male actors in trans roles leads to violence and discrimination against transgender women.

screenshot of court documents; Jackson Memorial Middle School
Political News

Christian Teacher Who Claimed Using Students' Pronouns Was Against Her Religion Sues School After Resigning

Vivian Geraghty sued Jackson Memorial Middle School officials after claiming she was forced to resign for refusing to use students' pronouns.