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Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg's Viral Reaction To The Debate About The Respect For Marriage Act Speaks Volumes

The openly-gay Secretary of Transportation fired off a relatable tweet as the Senate debated whether or not to codify same-sex marriage protections.

Instagram screenshot of James Martin; Chasten and Pete Buttigieg

Jesuit Priest Bluntly Fact-Checks Catholic Group's Claim That Pete Buttigieg Doesn't 'Have A Husband'

James Martin SJ clapped back at The Catholic League's tweet claiming Buttigieg's marriage to Chasten is a 'legal fiction.'

Instagram screenshot of Chasten and Pete Buttigieg with their two children

Chasten Buttigieg Rips Fox News For Harping On Pete's Paternity Leave: 'Go Yell At An M&M'

The subject of the Transportation Secretary's paternity leave has been a source of outrage for the conservative news network for well over a year.

Pete Buttigieg; Lauren Boebert

Veterans' Group Shuts Down Lauren Boebert After She Tried To Blame Pete Buttigieg For Airline Groundings

After an FAA outage grounded planes around the country, Lauren Boebert tried to place blame on Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Fox News screenshot of Tucker Carlson; CNN screenshot of Chasten Buttigieg

Chasten Buttigieg Claps Back After Tucker Carlson Says Husband Pete 'Lied' About Being Gay

Chasten Buttigieg defended his husband and Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on CNN after the attack from the Fox News host.

Fox News screenshot of Pete Buttigieg

Fox Host Tried To Shame Sec. Buttigieg For Taking Chasten On Official Trip–And Pete Instantly Shut Him Down

Pete Buttigieg masterfully shot down Bret Baier's suggestion that he should not have taken Chasten on official delegation to the Invictus Games.

CNN screenshot of Pete Buttigieg; C-SPAN screenshot of Vicky Hartzler giving speech on House floor

Pete Buttigieg Offers Powerful Response To GOP Rep. Who Cried While Opposing Marriage Equality

The openly-gay Secretary of Transportation offered a thoughtul rebuttal to GOP Rep. Vicky Hartzler's homophobia.

Pete Buttigieg

GOP House Committee Tried To Shame Pete Buttigieg Over Airline Cancellations–And He Shamed Them Right Back

Pete Buttigieg responds to Jim Jordan's @JudiciaryGOP Twitter account after they asked 'Where's @SecretaryPete?' amid Southwest Airlines cancellation crisis.

Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg Rips Anti-LGBTQ+ Conservatives' Reactions To Shooting: 'Don't You Dare Act Surprised'

The current Secretary of Transportation and out politician has little patience for the 'surprise' from conservative politicians and media after the Colorado Springs mass shooting.

Franklin Graham; Amy Grant

Franklin Graham Lashes Out At News Amy Grant Is Hosting Her Niece's Same-Sex Wedding

The conservative televangelist started spouting scripture after learning of the Christian musician's plans.

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