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Twitter screenshot of Joe Biden from his campaign video; Twitter screenshot

Joe Biden Leans Hard Into 'Dark Brandon' Meme With 2024 Campaign Merchandise–And People Are Here For It

President Joe Biden officially launched his 2024 reelection campaign and unveiled some merchandise in his online shop featuring the 'Dark Brandon' meme, much to his supporters' delight.

Joe Biden; Justin Pearson

Joe Biden Perfectly Shames Tennessee GOP For Expelling Democratic Lawmakers For Gun Safety Protest

President Joe Biden called Tennessee Republicans' expulsion of Democratic lawmakers from its body 'shocking, undemocratic, and without precedent.'

Donald Trump; Joe Biden
Donald Trump

Trump Used Images From His Own Presidency To Paint Biden's America As 'In Decline'

Donald Trump used 2020 images from his own presidency in Facebook ads portraying Joe Biden's Aerica as 'in decline.'

Joe Biden; Marjorie Taylor Greene

Biden Recalls MTG's Outbursts At His State Of The Union Speech With The Perfect Hand Gesture

Biden spoke at a recent event about his reaction to the MAGA Rep. shouting 'liar' at him, but stopped himself with a gesture that spoke volumes.

Fox News screenshot of Elon Musk during his interview with Tucker Carlson; Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Elon Musk Just Told Tucker That He Voted For Biden In 2020–And Trump Is Pissed

In a recent interview, Elon Musk confessed to Tucker Carlson that he voted for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the 2020 election, stating he wanted 'a normal person with common sense.'

Fox News screenshot of Ron Johnson; Hunter and Joe Biden

GOP Senator Roasted For Begging People To 'Infer' Evidence About Biden Family Without 'Proof'

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson admitted 'you’re not going to get necessarily hard proof' against Hunter and other Biden family members during a Fox Business interview.

Fox News

Far Right Rep. Tells Fox That House GOP's Biden 'Informant' Is 'Missing'—And People Did Not Hold Back

Rep. James Comer was widely mocked after telling Fox's Maria Bartiromo that they could not 'track down' their 'informant' who claimed Biden corruption.

Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert Accused Of Praying For Joe Biden's Death After Quoting A Psalm In Church

Lauren Boebert got cheers after quoting Psalm 109 about Joe Biden: 'Let his days be few.'

Joe Biden; Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Joe Biden Masterfully Trolls Trump's Big 'Announcement' With A Few Announcements Of His Own

Joe Biden tweets 'MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS' to mock Trump's announcement that he is launching collectible digital trading cards.

Bernie Sanders; Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders Predicts Biden Will 'Win In A Landslide' In 2024—But Only On One Condition

The Vermont Senator told 'State of the Union' host Dana Bash that the focus needs to be on 'working-class issues.'

Elon Musk

We Now Know How Much Elon Musk's Own Twitter Traffic Jumped After He Tweaked Algorithm–And Hoo Boy

Twitter CEO Elon Musk had the algorithm tweaked to boost impressions of his own tweets after President Joe Biden's Super Bowl tweet was seen by more people than his was.

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol sings "American Pie" during a state dinner at the White House

South Korea's President Stuns White House Dinner Attendees By Sweetly Singing 'American Pie'

President Yoon Suk Yeol got a standing ovation from the White House crowd after showing off his vocal chops with the Don McLean classic.

Twitter screenshot of Marjorie Taylor Greene from her workout video

Very Telling Object Spotted In MTG's 'Impeachment' Workout Video—And Yep, That Tracks

A cooler sporting the Confederate flag could be seen in the MAGA Rep.'s workout video calling for President Biden's impeachment.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Joe Biden Epically Mocks Reporter's Claim That Trump's Movement Is 'Very Strong'

Joe Biden laughed in a reporter's face after he claimed Trump's political movement is 'still very strong.'

YouTube screenshot of Joe Biden on "The Daily Show"

Biden Reveals The 'Simple' Way His Dad Explained Things After He Saw His First Gay Couple

Biden sat down with Kal Penn and 'The Daily Show' and opened up about seeing a gay couple for the first time when he was a senior in high school.

Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert Dragged After Claiming The Left Has 'No Concept' Of 'Personal Responsibility'

The MAGA Rep. was instantly called out for 'projecting' after she tried to accuse Biden and everyone on the Left of lacking 'personal responsibility.'

Aubrey Plaza; Joe Biden

Aubrey Plaza Explains Why She Once Brazenly Stole A Note Right Off Biden's White House Desk

The two native Delawareans had a few turbulent interactions over the years, starting when Plaza was a teenager.

Twitter screenshots of Mike Lee's reactions

GOP Senator's Own Words About Social Security And Medicare Used Against Him After Acting Offended At Biden's SOTU Accusation

Senator Mike Lee acted offended during this week's State of the Union speech when President Biden accused Republicans of wanting to gut Social Security and Medicare, but resurfaced video shows that's exactly what Lee wants.

Larry the Cable Guy; Marjorie Taylor Greene

Larry The Cable Guy Faces Backlash From Fellow Conservatives After Making Joke About MTG

The conservative comedian told critics to 'lighten up' after he made a joke on Twitter about Greene's heckling of Biden at the State of the Union address.

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