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London Commuters Are Still Upset About a Glaring Error in 'Thor: The Dark World'
Transport for London/YouTube

2013's Thor: The Dark World is a controversial movie among Marvel fans. While some adore it for the relationship between Thor and his brother Loki, others believe its flaws drag the film into the lower echelon of superhero fare. And, according to London commuters, there is no flaw more glaring, or more insulting, than the inaccuracy of a joke in the film's final fight sequence.

The battle features rapidly opening and closing portals, allowing Thor and a strangely-colored bad guy to knock each other senseless across many different locations—even different planets. A funny moment comes, however, when a portal drops Thor in London's Charring Cross station and closes, leaving him stranded away from the fight. A subway car pulls up and Thor asks, in the orotund voice of a god, how one might get to Greenwich.

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