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10 Sustainable & Eco-Friendly 2018 Holiday Gift Ideas For Men
Sam Edwards

Let's face it: shopping for guys is hard, no matter how well you know them. Search "gifts for men" on Amazon and you get a bunch of things that might be appropriate as a gag gift, but not really something you'd give to your buddy at work, let alone a significant other. But guys like that kind of stuff, right? Probably best not to generalize, so I'll speak for myself and say: meh, not really. What I do appreciate is something useful that will make a regular activity of my day a little less difficult which—according to the internet—would be not having to open beer bottles with my teeth or a tool that helps me shred pork more easily...yeah, no.

If you're like us and feeling overwhelmed by search results returning nothing but drinking and meat-shredding paraphernalia, this list of subtly masculine, mostly eco-friendly holiday gifts should hopefully provide some fresh, appropriately humorous takes on the classics and a little inspiration to think outside the tool box.

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