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Former Marine Goes Viral With Video Showing How To Throw A Punch While Wearing Acrylic Nails
@dutchintheusa / TikTok

A TikToker is receiving praise for a video showing people how to fight back for self-defense even if you're wearing long acrylic nails. And he ensures you know it works by wearing his own set of bright blue acrylics.

Robin, a former Royal Dutch Marine, is teaching self-defense tips and tricks on his TikTok account.

And they're proving popular.

Throwing a punch with acrylics on #womenssafety #selfdefense #safetytips #learnontiktok #FlauntItChallenge

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Throwing a punch with acrylics on #womenssafety #selfdefense #safetytips #learnontiktok #FlauntItChallenge

Robin, who goes by the name @DutchintheUSA on TikTok, wanted to show his audience how to defend themselves even while wearing long acrylic nails. While he could have just demonstrated the techniques, Robin went the extra mile and actually got bright blue acrylics to better illustrate.

He says in the video:

"In my last video, you saw me rolling up my fingers like this to create a fist — obviously, you can't do that. It hurts very, very much."

He demonstrates two techniques for striking your opponent without digging your nails into your palm.

"You're either going to hit with your palm."

He says before demonstrating a palm strike on a wooden board.

"Or with this part of your fingers."

At this point, he curls the tops of his fingers, and points to the outer side of his hand.

The advice was appreciated by the people who saw it.

@dutchintheusa / TikTok

@dutchintheusa / TikTok

@dutchintheusa / TikTok

@dutchintheusa / TikTok

Many were impressed with Robin's dedication to get the full set of acrylics to illustrate his point.

Robin's channel includes more than just punching in some dynamite nails. His channel also includes tips to break out of a zip tie, or everyday items you can use for self-defense.

His channel is appreciated across the internet.

Much of the situation around the idea to show how to hit while wearing acrylics came from Robin responding to another TikToker.

In another video, @Rylee $🖤 claimed the best way to hold a man captive is to give him acrylic nails because they wouldn't be able to untie or pick the locks of their restraints. Robin proved her wrong.

However, he continued to use the acrylics to show how to do other things for people who wear them, including the self-defense video.

It's pretty impressive.

@dutchintheusa / TikTok

@dutchintheusa / TikTok

@dutchintheusa / TikTok

@dutchintheusa / TikTok

Robin said to Buzzfeed news of his channel:

"I try to put myself in people's shoes and find ways [for them] to defend themselves."

With millions of followers and likes, and hundreds of videos showing self-defense techniques, it looks like he's succeeding.