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Actor Ramy Youssef Gave Us All A Glimpse Of What It Looked Like To Lose An Emmy In 2020—And It's Brutal
Jim Spellman/Getty Images

The 2020 Emmys were a strange affair, with this year's ceremonies conducted via Zoom for the first time in history.

Many viewers were surprised and excited to see many Emmy winners clutching the iconic golden statuettes following their victories.

It turns out Emmy workers in hazmat suits were standing by at every nominee's house to hand off the award in the event of a victory. How fun!

Of course, this plan also had a devastating downside. On Twitter, Emmy nominee Ramy Youssef shared what happened to all the nominees that didn't win.

Every losing nominee gets to watch as their Emmy gets carried away from just outside their window.

Twitter found the heartbreaking scene absolutely hilarious.

2020 has created many strange scenes, but this one has to be up there.

Though Youssef didn't win the Emmy, he won many internet users hearts.

This may just go down as one of the most successful Emmy losses in history.

Hopefully this is the last time Emmy nominees find themselves in this strange scenario.

Youssef's show, Ramy, is now streaming on Hulu!