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'Modern Family' Star Shows Off His 'Tragic Mike' Moves After Taking His First Pole Dancing Class
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images@nolangould/Instagram

Modern Family's Nolan Gould hasn't been a kid for quite some time.

He has made that abundantly clear with his collection of thirst traps post over the course of the past year, showing him fit as a fiddle and in brand new shape with his body.

Gould went further than even that when he posted footage from his first ever pole-dancing class.

Or, it would have been further, except that Gould—as he put it—"is basically made of Lego bricks."

Still, despite Gould's assertion that he was more 'Tragic' than 'Magic,' fans were still thirsty anyway.

Because, you know, fans do that.

Gould, after finishing his run on Modern Family, has only appeared thus far in the TV series What's Up North as Travis and the Celebrity Dating Game as himself, though he is slated for at least one project next year.

And while Gould may not be proud of his pole dancing, the internet sure is.