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Some of you may remember MySpace, the primitive version of a social media networking site that predated Facebook and evolved into a promotional tool for musicians.

The Los Angeles-based platform that debuted in 2003, already on its way into obscurity, sealed their fate during an alleged server migration resulting in an irretrievable loss of roughly 50 million songs by 14 million artists.

Over a year ago, a few still dedicated MySpace users started noticing that they suddenly couldn't play or download music files.

A frustrated user sought help on Reddit on February 2018 for a solution to accessing an important file that couldn't be opened.

According to Arstechnica, a MySpace rep responded to the user in an email on the thread explaining that, "There is an issue with all songs/videos uploaded over 3 years ago" and that they were working on a fix.

Unfortunately, there was no fix. Months later, MySpace told users their music and other data were gone for good.

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