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Michael Strahan Announces That He's Closed His Iconic Tooth Gap—But People Are Dubious
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic via Getty Images

Football Hall Of Famer and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan is clearly known for many things—one of which may have left him forever.

Strahan has a large gap between his two front teeth, something that's become synonymous with him.

But if his most recent social media post is to be believed, then we may have said goodbye to the gap forever.

But since it's April Fools' Day in the year of our Lord 2021, people are starting to become a bit suspicious of the timing even if it was posted on March 30.

Strahan's dentist essentially gave him a temporary dental bridge to fill in the gap between his two front teeth, creating the illusion of a long, continuous tooth line.

Now the public is eager to see if this is real, if Strahan keeps it or if it's just a joke.

"Here's 50 years in the making," said Strahan, as he strapped into the dentist chair.

But folks are particularly suspicious of this because of a post Strahan made just last week, on March 23:

Which is it, Michael‽‽

We haven't heard any concrete confirmation yet, but we will keep our ears open.

Do you think this was an April Fools' joke?