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Conservatives Lose Their Minds After Bill Gates Suggests We Should Eat '100% Synthetic Beef'
Hou Yu/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

In an interview with the MIT Technology Review, Bill Gates suggested that, in order to avoid a major climate disaster, more wealthy countries should shift to production and consumption of "100% synthetic beef."

Immediately this struck a cord with the conservatives of Twitter, who retaliated in the silliest ways possible.

For example, seditionist Congresswoman Lauren Boebert simply tweeted a picture of a raw steak and said "Come and take it, Bill."

Other conservative voices across Twitter got increasingly hostile toward Gates as well.

The idea was somehow so outrageous to conservatives that the info made it all the way to Fox News.

This isn't the first time conservatives have gotten really defensive over cow flesh.

In 2019, Laura Ingraham attempted to drink a steak stuffed with lightbulbs through a plastic straw to "trigger" liberals on air.

It Is unclear why conservatives are so defensive of their beef.

Former White House adviser Sebatian Gorka suggested Democrats all want to "take away your hamburgers," and beef being taken off the table was "what Stalin dreamt about but never achieved," though Stalin was notoriously pro-hamburger.

It almost seems like conservatives look for reasons to be upset.