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Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images

Add far-right Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders to the list of conservatives still throwing a fit that trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney made a 42-second promotional video for Bud Light.

The former Trump administration White House Press Secretary released a new ad in which she joins forces with other far-right Republican women governors to troll the beer company by depicting themselves as "real women" who "don't have to fake it."

Like most right-wing attempts at humor—generally just bullying—the ad landed with a giant thud on the internet.

It's as transphobic as they wanted, but it's so cringe in it makes it seem impossible it's not an SNL sketch.

You can see the video here:

The ad is for a new line of beer koozies featuring "The Real Women Of Politics," which seems intended as a transphobic riff on The Real Housewives franchise or something?

To koozies--which are a real product you can actually buy for $15 on Huckabee Sanders' website--feature the faces of prominent female right-wing ideologues Governor Kristi Noem of North Dakota, Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama and Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa.

The ad declares:

“Today we salute all the real woman leaders of this great country. Real women, doing real things."

Those "real things" include, according to the shots used in the ad, hunting, fishing, drinking beer out of green bottles that are definitely not Bud Light and, for reasons that will never be known, loading what appear to be dried fish skins into a cardboard box. You know, "real woman" stuff.

The ad goes on to tell us:

"Some big companies can’t tell the difference between real and fake anymore. That’s why we’re introducing the ‘Real Women of Politics’ koozie."
"Now you can salute the real women of politics at every backyard barbecue and tailgate. And if it covers up the label of a big woke company, well, that works too."

The ad is so awkward and unflattering people on Twitter questioned if it was real.

Anyway, nothing says "festive backyard barbecue" like merch worshipping politicians.

So if that's your thing and you feel like throwing $15 at a woman who is a multi-millionaire, you know where to go.