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Woman Who Married The Eiffel Tower Says She's Physically Attracted To A Fence In Resurfaced Viral Clip

A woman gained notoriety for her stated attraction to inanimate objects. A clip from an old TLC documentary has gone viral on TikTok after a woman’s intimate moment with a fence was rediscovered.

The scene was shared far and wide.


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In the above clip, Erika LaBrie talks about her attraction to a fence. She says she likes the sharp angles, and insists she’s physically attracted to it.

LaBrie is a competitive archer and advocate for object sexuality. She became infamous for claiming to marry the Eiffel Tower in 2007.

However, it seems even things with inanimate objects can’t last, as LaBrie and Eiffel reportedly went her separate way in 2016.

The scene is surprising to some.

LaBrie identifies as objectum sexual, someone who can become romantically and sexually attracted to inanimate objects. She started the organization OS Internationale to promote this idea.

The attraction goes beyond just a physical connection, as LaBrie displays a level of animism for the inanimate fence. She calls it sweet, and talks about how dangerous it is for her around it.

Her “type” is an object misunderstood by the world. Which is why she liked the Eiffel Tower, claiming that people around it were in love with each other rather than it.

What people misunderstood about the fence remains to be seen.

The scene is a little strange for most, though not unheard of. Last year a resurfaced clip of the TLC documentary My Strange Addiction went viral as a man was attracted to and had ‘relations’ with his car.