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New Bad Lip Reading Video Puts A Hilarious Spin On Trump's State Of The Union Speech
Bad Lip Reading/YouTube

Are you wondering what were the key players at the State of the Union address really discussing while they tried to keep up with appearances through applause?

Imagine no more. The geniuses at Bad Lip Reading are up to their brilliant hijinks again after lampooning the 2019 NFL season and roasting Sarah Sanders's White House press briefing.

Thanks to BLR's ridiculous overdubbed asides and sardonic quips, this year's SOTU is actually watchable without turning your stomach.

Where else could you watch Vin Diesel herald Donald Trump's arrival into the House of Representatives chamber?

Also, Mike Pence better heed Nancy Pelosi's warning about not touching her gavel. "Don't lay a finger on my gavel," she threatens the Vice President. We've always known she has no time for tomfoolery.

If ever there was a time for the masters of trolling to return, the SOTU was a prime opportunity.

It's good to have you guys back, BLP!

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