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NBC News screenshot of John Bolton; Donald Trump
2024 Election

John Bolton Just Threatened To Run For President To Challenge Trump—And It's Not Going Over Well

The former national security adviser was less than impressed by Trump's call to 'terminate' parts of the Constitution.

John Bolton; Donald Trump
News & Politics

Ex-Trump Official Explains Terrifying Reason Dictators Want Trump Back In Office

Donald Trump's former National Security Advisor issued a warning about why authoritarian leaders like Putin and Kim Jong Un would 'love' to have Trump back in the office.

Screenshots of Steve Bannon and Mike Johnson
Political News

Steve Bannon Melts Down After Mike Johnson Says Biden's Presidency Is 'God's Will'

After Speaker Mike Johnson admits that in his belief, Joe Biden's election is 'God's will', Steve Bannon flipped out on his podcast, calling Biden 'illegitimate.'