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Screenshots from attack

Florida Teen Arrested After Knocking Teacher's Aide Unconscious For Taking His Nintendo Switch

A special needs student from Matanzas High School was caught on security video violently attacking the teacher's aide in a hallway, even after she lay unconscious on the floor.

Luana Munoz; Dylan Lyons

Florida Reporter Breaks Down After Fellow TV Journalist Is Gunned Down While Covering Shooting

WESH-TV reporter Luana Munoz was in tears during a live report after Spectrum News 13 reporter Dylan Lyons was fatally shot while covering another shooting in Orlando, Florida.

YouTube screenshot of Heath Lambert

Florida Megachurch Pastor Sparks Anger From Congregation After Requiring 'Biblical Sexuality' Pledge

Pastor Heath Lambert is giving members of the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville until March 19 to sign, otherwise they will no longer be members.

YouTube screenshot of Joseph Harding

Florida's 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Sponsor Just Pleaded Guilty To Fraud—And Could Spend 35 Years In Prison

Former Florida state Rep. Joseph Harding, who sponsored the state's original 'Don't Say Gay' bill, has pleaded guilty to COVID relief fraud.

Nashali Alma

Woman Speaks Out With Advice To Other Victims After Fighting Off Attacker In Apartment Gym

Florida bodybuilder Nashali Alma told women to 'keep fighting' if they find themselves in a similar situation.

Ron DeSantis

DeSantis Allegedly Ate Chocolate Pudding With His Fingers On A Flight—And Here Come The Jokes

Sources close to the GOP Florida Governor left Twitter stunned with their accounts of his bizarre behavior around food.

Ron DeSantis; Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Ron DeSantis Admits Which Of Trump's Mocking Nicknames For Him He Actually 'Kind Of Likes'

Trump has several nicknames for his GOP rival, but the Florida Governor has one in particular that he's kind of into.

Ron DeSantis; Donald Trump
Donald Trump

DeSantis Took A Swipe At Trump For Giving 'Hush Money' To A 'Porn Star'—And Trump Hit Right Back

The GOP Florida Governor spoke on Trump's likely indictment at an event on Monday, and the former President responded in kind on TruthSocial.

Ritchie Torres; Ron DeSantis

Dem Rep. Rips DeSantis For Banning AP African-American Studies In Florida Schools

Rep. Ritchie Torres unloaded on the GOP Florida Governor's latest attacks on education.

Twitter screenshot of Stan McClain; Twitter screenshot of Ashley Viola Gantt

FL Republican Admits His Bill Would Ban Girls From Discussing Their Periods In School

Florida State Rep. Stan McClain admitted his sex ed bill would 'prohibit conversations about menstrual cycles.'

Facebook screenshot of Vicki Baggett

Florida Teacher Who Seeks To Ban 150 Books Called Out For Her Openly Racist And Homophobic Beliefs

Former students are speaking out about Northview High School English teacher Vicki Baggett's openly bigoted comments and behavior as she pushes to 'protect minors' from library books.

TikTok screenshots from

TikToker Floored After Discovering Her Headshot Was Used For A Softcore Sex Novel's Cover

Actor and TikToker said a south Florida photographer gave her a discount on her 2010 graduation headshots—but she neglected to read the fine print.

Maxwell Frost

Gen Z Rep. Rips 'Out Of Touch' RNC For Mocking His Struggles To Find An Apartment In DC

Democratic Rep. Maxwell Alejandro Frost of Florida has been struggling to find housing due to his bad credit score.

Photos from Miranda Pearce's family day at Universal Studios in Florida

Family Balks After Totaling Up How Much They Spent On Just A Single Day At Universal Studios

Miranda Pearce stunned TikTok by laying out just how much it cost for her family of four to visit Universal Studios in Florida.

Jonathan Cain; Neal Schon
Donald Trump

Journey's MAGA Keyboardist Hit With Cease And Desist After Playing 'Don't Stop Believin''' At Mar-A-Lago

Keyboardist Jonathan Cain was served the letter by an attorney for bandmate Neal Schon after performing the song for Trump at his Florida estate last month.

Art Group MSCHF's newest piece at Art Basel Miami

Art Exhibition Visitors Stunned After 'ATM Leaderboard' Publicly Reveals How Much Money They Have

The functioning ATM at the Art Basel exhibition in Miami, Florida, was created by the Brooklyn art collective MSCHF in collaboration with the Perrotin Gallery.

Donald Trump; Ron DeSantis
Donald Trump

Trump Unloads On 'Average' DeSantis In Brutal Tirade After His Reelection As Florida Governor

Trump couldn't help but take a crack at DeSantis for hinting he might run for President in 2024.

screenshots of Jim Hodges' arrest by Columbia County Florida Sheriff's deputies

Florida Deputies Arrest Legally Blind Man After Mistaking His Walking Stick For A Weapon

Jim Hodges was walking home from jury duty when he was stopped by two Columbia County Florida sheriff's deputies.

Charlie Crist; Ron DeSantis

Florida Democratic Gov. Candidate Rips DeSantis Hard With Spoof Spirit Halloween Costume

Charlie Crist added his own twist to the fake Spirit Halloween trend with his 'wannabe dictator' costume.

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