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People Are Sharing Their Most Hilarious And Cringe-Worthy #PromFails, And Oof

This past weekend, many 17- and 18-year-old high schoolers put on their Sunday best and went out for a long-time rite of passage.

Of course, some were met with some humiliating and humorous turn-of-events, from unusual (or torn, or stained) attire choices to awkward photos to displaced DJ selections.

In typical internet fashion, many prom-goers took to Twitter to share their most embarrassing and hilarious moments from what was meant to be one of the greatest nights of their lives.

For some, their fails were all about school missions and discrepancies.

For others, the night became an example of the typical "ignorance is bliss" team of thought:

And of course, there were the attire dysfunctions and awkward compliments!

A universal truth: It wouldn't be prom night without a few fails. But it looks like these Twitter users came out the other side with fun memories and grace, even if the night wasn't everything they originally expected.