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West Point Public Schools

The decision has set off a wave of controversy.

A Virginia teacher has been fired after refusing to use the preferred pronouns of a transgender student.

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Christa Pehl Evans/Facebook

The judge has a history of similar behavior.

A stay-at-home mother of three is saying she felt bullied and insulted during her encounter with a Fresno County judge who told her "I Don't Care About Your Children" when she asked to be excused from jury duty.

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Gavitt A. Woodard, M.D., Georg Wieselthaler, M.D. / The New England Journal of Medicine

Patient coughs up perfectly intact blood clot.

It might look like coral, or even the White House's Christmas decorations, but according to Doctors this ghastly red tendril submitted to the The New England Journal of Medicine is a six-inch-wide blood clot that was coughed up by a patient perfectly intact.

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