It sucks losing the drive to do something you love, and it happens to most people at some point. But, why? For artists, competition and having to rely on talent can take away the joy. Crowded gyms deter people from working out. And parents reading the diaries of their kids can be devastating - to name a few examples.

marrieeeeeee asked wayward Redditors: What killed your passion for something you once were very passionate about?

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Wise words from a stifled writer.


My mother reading my journals, and using what I wrote against me in arguments (or bringing up stories in embarrassing situations). I stopped writing so that she couldn't have my thoughts and feelings used against me anymore.

Edit: I'm so sorry that we have all shared in this type of terrible behavior. I would like to say that this took place about 25 years ago, so there was no option of journaling online back then. Also, while I totally own that this makes my mom look horrible, I also would like to say that I've long since forgiven her for mistakes she made while I was growing up. I know now that a lot of her decisions and actions stemmed from anxiety for keeping me safe, and also not having the support of family to help raise me and my sister (we're first generation immigrants). I definitely do agree, though, that there are times when cutting off toxic parents is the only healthy way to go, as many of your comments have illustrated.


It's incomprehensible to me how people can treat their kids this way. The lack of respect for ones own child as an individual is staggering.


This is a symptom of the times.

I used to enjoy a lot of things that required time and concentration, such as reading long books, writing etc. Now, I have a shorter attention span and I do those things much less frequently. So, distractions, I guess.


Same here, I think Reddit killed my attention span, or at least helped.


I probably have at least one moment per day where I close Reddit and then immediately think "Hm, I wonder what's on Reddit," only to re-open it immediately. Having internet access 100% of the time has absolutely zapped my attention span.


Very relatable.


Art school killed my passion for art but it came back about a decade later.


Art seems like one of the most unbelievably competitive professions out there. Comparing everything and evaluating everything you're doing based on your own skill. Hope it worked out for you.


Thank you. I'm doing the 1/3rd life crisis right now lolol. Working in finance making decent coin but its woefully unfulfilling, started a private clothing line and printing company on the side as I prepare to go back to school for engineering.

Sounds like it's all over the place and that's because I am. But it's makes sense when I zoom out a bit. Striking balance is the tough bit.


Same but with piano/singing. True performance comes from the heart.

I used to play guitar but my parents would make me perform every time people came over so I stopped playing.


Feel you bro. Pick it up again. Let your parents know it's a hobby you do for yourself as an escape and form of expression, not a reason for them to show you off to friends. Performing is great for some and it brings people together, but you shouldn't have to.


When teacher plays favorites.

I used to love singing so much. I wasn't ever the most naturally gifted, but I was a practicer and always interested in improving my technique. I started really getting into it when I was about 10-years-old and joined a vocal essembly in secondary school. After 4 years, we got a new teacher and the small group had grown a lot. I was the only person in the choir who has been there from day one, without a year or more of a break. But after 4 years we got a new teacher as our old one retired and she so clearly had her favorites and I was not one of them. She was basically obsessed with one girl, who was definitely a prodigy, and me and some of her less "special" students got sidelined. It made me so insecure and uncomfortable that it ironically really showed up in my voice and I just stared sounding quiet and repressed all the time. Which made her push me back even more.

In year 6 I asked her for an honest word and told her how I and some others really felt about this and she vowed to be more conscious of it. What do you know, it lasted a month before she was back to her old self and I decided to quit the choir after the year.


Legit same thing happened when i used to play the violin I gave it up for years untill i got a better teacher who was awsome.


It's math, though.


When I was a kid I liked math. In third grade, I moved across town and went to a new school. My old school was working on multiplication, and the new school was on division. I didn't get it, because the teacher didn't want to go backwards to teach me the basics.

She called me stupid in front of the entire class. I can't remember a single time after that point I enjoyed math.

She also gave me ISS for laughing at the name Dick on a worksheet, but somehow that didn't ruin my terrible sense of humor so 🤷🏼♀️


Fifth grade. I had spent half the day in the gifted and talented program (read: I wasn't a horrible student) as I did once a week. I came back to class in the middle of a math lesson, so I didn't learn the concept that my teacher immediately sent me to the board to solve.

I remember ten-year-old me standing at the board with tears in my eyes, no idea how to solve this problem, while this b!tch sneered "SmallWhiteDeath, you really have a mental block when it comes to math, don't you?" I never even tried in math after that, because I felt like I had been told I was stupid and couldn't do it, and I was raised never to question adults in positions of authority.

That was 1991. F*ck you, Mrs Cox!


Oof, dark.

Depression and money. I used to paint every day. Then I just kept getting sadder and now all we have goes towards the absolute necessities. Can't buy acrylics, don't wanna get out of bed anyways.


I know the feeling. I have plenty of extra. I could mail them to you as hold at your local post office as not to share personal info.


Photography is a really expensive hobby.

The amount of money you have to spend on different cameras, lenses, tripods, etc.


Photography gets crazy expensive if you want to do "high-end" photography with good gear and stuff. The only way to make it viable really is doing it professionally but that's often not an option if you have limited time and just want to keep it as a hobby.


Gregorian chant needs to be made great again.


Gregorian Chant has always been a passion of mine, but there's no place nearby to perform it.

Chant remains vibrant and engaging, but it needs to be sung regularly or it "dies on the vine" of inactivity. Sadly, there are very few venues for it.


I was not expecting this comment in any way! It made me smile, chant on person, chant on.


Crowded. Gyms. Ugh.

I got really into working out. Like I was addicted. I was 155 lbs and got up to 220 lbs. I loved it, but I was never egotistical. I would occasionally share my progress if I broke a PR but I was never taking vids and selfies at the gym or anything. I just enjoyed the feeling and seeing progress.

The fitness Instagram phase took off and the gym was crazy packed. I constantly saw people take 45 minutes at one flat bench because they had to keep taking pics and vids. Mirrors would be hogged by people posing and I started ti really dread going to the gym.

I just stopped lifting one day. Went like a year without lifting weights and just focused on running.

I got back into the gym a few months ago because I missed it but it's still the same there. So now I try to go at night when everyone is gone. I loved working afternoons because when I got off work, the gym would be practically empty.


Instagram is f*cking weird, man.


Wanna know what's even more f*cking weird? Watching a girl hog a bench and one set of dumbbells while situated right in front of the mirror for 15 minutes while her friend took a** pics of her. I felt like an outsider watching a nature documentary on a newly discovered animal behaviour.


Just imagine it being narrated by David Attenborough.


Have you lost your passion for anything? If so, how?

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Sometimes he laughs.


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