Hmmmm, I don't think THAT'S your essay....

You ever wish you could un-send an email? Well, so do these students. It's already embarrassing and difficult to approach a teacher outside of class, but this crosses a line.

u/ReneAnd probed the topic:

Teachers of Reddit: What's the weirdest thing a student has accidentally send instead of/with his/her homework/assignment?

Here were some answers.

Minimal Effort


I once received a submission from a student that had another students name on it from the year before. They didn't even bother to update that during their plagiarism...


A Few Letters Matter

I used to teach German. A lot of students don't understand how obvious it is when they use Google Translate. But this one submission really stood out.

The assignment was just a typical weekly journal entry submitted online. I started reading this one kid's submission and pretty quickly realized that he had written everything in Google Translate... and translated it into Dutch. Not Deutsch. The kid turned in an assignment in the completely wrong language.


Dang Roommates


In college I left a paper I had finished writing open on my laptop and went out for the night

Next morning before class I printed the paper and handed it in

Got it back a couple weeks later covered in red pen with stuff like "butts" and "penis" circled throughout the paper and my prof had written "roommates got to this?" At the top of the first page.

[username deleted]

Which Is Worse?

Oh, another one! I had a student turn in a paper that was almost 100% plagiarized. It was just an obvious Ctrl+C Ctrl+V job. I confronted her about it and she claimed she had no idea it was plagiarized. I said "Really?! You didn't know it was plagiarized?!" She said "Well, I mean, it's not like I plagiarized it myself..." She had had a friend write her paper and her friend screwed her over.



A friend in college changed every instance of the word man into "Batman" in one of my papers. I noticed, and did a find and replace for every instance of Batman. I didn't anticipate there being "Batmen" as well.


Con Ed


A friend of mine accidentally put his electric bill in the middle of a long political science paper in College. The professor simply wrote "I hope you paid this on time" with a couple question marks on it.


Art, Amirite?

My college roommate wrote poetry. Her assignment started with a B but she sent her poem titled "backseat love" to her professor on accident. Very erotic poem. Noticed immediately and frantically ran to his office and supposedly caught him before he opened it. Made him delete it. She was a mess for a week after that though.


Played The System

In college, someone caught on to the fact that one of the professors never read our weekly essays and instead randomly assigned a grade.

One of my friends submitted the same essay every week, just under a different title. He got varying A's and B's on all of them.


It's An Econ Class


One time I printed off an essay in a hurry and grabbed all the paper that was on the tray. I was still living at home at the time. Got my essay back a couple weeks later and flipped through it and realized I'd included multiple pages of grocery store coupons/flyers that my dad had printed. Professor made no comment on it but I felt so silly.


Yeah, Not Quite

Somewhat relevant story. I worked as a graduate assistant for a university for their history department. I was basically a glorified paper grader, but I enjoyed it and it paid pretty well. Students had to write a 2-3 page paper on the code of Hammurabi. One person wrote a paper on Harambe.


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