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People Share The Weirdest Thing They Have Ever Found In A Hotel Room

Isn't the concept of a hotel already a little weird?

You're paying to come into a shared space where people you don't know have slept before you. And things can get dicey quickly in these places.

You never know what you might walk in on.

A Quora question read:

What's the weirdest thing you've found in a hotel room?

Here were some of those answers.

The Light On For Drugs


I was a housekeeper at one of the well known motel chains (think leaving the light on for you) We were told not to touch any of the guests' belongings. If they had something on the bathroom counter we were to clean around it as best as we could without disturbing their things.

I'm in the bathroom and all I see on the counter is an empty toilet paper roll. So I pick it up to throw it away so I can start cleaning and all these little tied up baggies fell out. I was flabbergasted at first and a bit shocked. I ran out in the hallway to get my co-worker and have her come to my room and she informs me those baggies are full of drugs.

I am in a mad rush to shove them all back in the roll before the owner of these baggies comes back to his room and shoots me. I get them all picked up and leave without cleaning a thing. At the end of my shift, the manager says he wants to talk to me. I go into his office and he wants to know why I didn't clean room 201 (apparently they complained) I decided to tell him what I had found and he decided to call the police. I have no idea what happened at that point as I got the hell outta there.

The second weirdest thing I've found (not so much weird as it is disgusting) was in the bathtub. As soon as I opened the door the stench hit me full force. I backed out into the hallway to put a towel over my face. I assumed a baby had been in the room and the smell was simply dirty diapers (if only) I walk into the room and look around and see no diapers, no rotten food, not much of anything but an unmade bed.

This tells me that the smell is coming from the bathroom. I brace myself and hold my breath and open the door and there in the bathtub were about 6 piles of human poop. If that wasn't bad enough, it was also smeared all over the walls, the toilet, the sink, the floor (almost tripped and fell) I immediately walk back out, go into the hallway, take my cart to the storage room, wash my hands, take my uniform off, throw it away, get in my car and leave. $7.25/hour is soooooo not enough to clean a room full of poop. Yes, I got fired and I sure don't envy who took over for me that day. That smell was embedded in my nose for a week.

Bianca Madison

Wellington Skidoo

A solid steel beam, painted bright orange, running diagonally from the floor to the ceiling in the middle of my room. And a shower stall.

No, seriously. Part way down my room between the door and the window was a bright orange I-beam, an earthquake strengthening element in the hotel, an old, '20s, solid cast concrete building—strong, but too rigid and brittle for the requirements of Wellington's modern building regulations.

Paul Stockley

Braided And Afraid


Last year I went to Accra City in Ghana for some official work. I had been allotted a wonderful room in one of the best hotels in the city.

So my room had two single bed and I was supposed to stay alone for a month. This was the room.

I chose the right side bed for my activities and on the left one mostly had my bag, laptop and other stuff.

It so happened, one of the days, while I was sitting on the left bed facing the curtain, my pen dropped on the floor and went beneath the bed.

When I got down to get my pen, my mind was totally blown. There was something else except for the pen.

"There was a long strand of braided women hair."

Very similar to the above picture.

This was the very first time I have seen such a perfectly tied braided hair not in someone's head but beneath my bed. I was like what the hell did I just see. I don't know but I was hell scared seeing that particular thing.

I immediately called the room service lady and asked her about it. She was sorry for this but I was more curious as to how did this particular thing fall down from someone's head.

This was the moment I got to know that the majority of women's in Africa don't have natural hair. Most of them put up wigs as a replacement.

I never knew about this. Though I always thought as to how this girl managed to get her hairstyle completely changed from curly black hair to brownish straight hair in a day. Never paid much attention to them, but now I was enlightened to the real fact.

P.S: These wigs do look beautiful. I don't intend to hurt anyone but this is the weirdest thing I have found in any of my hotel's visit.

Nikhil Shaw

We Did You A Favor

I have a good one. I wasn't working at the hotel at the time, but I've seen the pictures.

A couple arrived at the hotel (fancy beach resort) for just one night. They looked like hippies and weren't exactly clean, so they attracted everyone's attention. Still, they got treated with great service, as any other guest would.

The next morning they asked for the general manager to go up to their room. They insisted upon it and said they wanted to show him something. Worried that it was a complaint, the on-duty manager went straight up and knocked on the door and was invited in.

He was surprised when he came in and saw the wall against the bed completely painted in graffiti! It was a big disaster of color and shapes of body parts.

Then the guests proceeded to explain that they were artists and wanted to offer their service to paint all rooms in the hotel! They said this one was a courtesy and for free.

The general manager had to go up and explain that their services were not required and that the guests would have to pay for the costs of getting the room returned to exactly how it was before, since they hadn't received permission to alter the room in the first place.

The guests got upset and yelled. They just couldn't understand why the hotel didn't want to keep the mural. They ended up paying just part (as they didn't have enough money) and left pretty upset.

It is considered a myth in the hotel, but I have seen the pictures. It was horrifying!

Andrea Lopez

My Kingdom For The Floor

Not in a room, but entirely a floor in the hotel building.

This incident was told by one of my friend whose friend experienced it.

The friend (lets call him Sagar) was sent to a Metro City for some official work and was provided a good hotel to stay. Being the fresher, he was enjoying all these perks of the new job when on a fine day while he was standing and looking out of the window he realised that his room is at too much height to be on 2nd floor.

When this thought was set in his mind,he was keen to cross check if he is actually on 2nd floor or not. He went straight back to the corridor to check the floor number and then to elevator to verify the same.

He was still not satisfied and started looking for stairs around but he couldn't find them anywhere. He even enquired it with the staff and didn't get a satisfactory one.

After few days late at night he heard some voices and when he followed,to his surprise, he saw a staircase behind a door which resembled the hotel room. He was scared but at the same time his curiosity pushed him to take the stairs. What he saw was a totally different hidden floor with lots of people involved in not-so-legally-right activities. He realised what and why it is. He rushed hurriedly and shifted the hotel the very next day and promised to himself to never look or take stairs of the kind or whatsoever!!

This incident was something which we never really did imagine and shocked us.

Mansi Gupta

To Scare In Amsterdam


A friend and I went to Amsterdam 8 years ago without booking a hotel, it was a spur of the moment thing. When we got there, the whole city was full as there was a festival in town. The only room we could find was in a 5 star hotel. We checked in at around midday and went straight to room. It was the worst room I'd ever stayed in. Wallpaper was peeling off the walls, carpet had holes in it, it stank of weed(we didn't mind this and added to it lol) the TV was broken and instead of the twin beds we booked, it was a double bed and a mattress on the floor.

(I should add at this point that the jerks charged me a premium for taking the last room they had which means I paid the price of a suite. As I'm a hotelier myself, I noticed at around 6pm that the broken TV still had a welcome message on the screen which means that the hotel hadn't checked us into their system yet, this meant that any phone calls we made were free so my friend and I proceeded to call everyone we knew around the world sound in the knowledge that we would not pay for the calls. The next we went to check out and I asked to speak to the manager, poor lady, i ripped into her verbally about the state of my room and how much I had paid. She was very apologetic and took the price of the room off my bill, as the phone calls were free too, all we paid for was 2 beers and our breakfast.

Peace and love

Yannick Noel

When You're Spontaneous

I was on my honeymoon, 23 years ago. My husband likes spontaneity, while I like knowing where I will sleep each night. I found some nice hotels and B&Bs in advance, and he had the remainder of days to find a place on the fly.

On one of our "spontaneous" honeymoon evenings, we found ourselves in Santa Fe over a holiday weekend. The town was completely booked. This was in the pre-google era, so we drove from lodging to lodging, continuously being turned away. On the outside of town, we were excited to see a lit vacancy sign. It was hanging over a run down motel, but were mad to get a room, so we grabbed it sight unseen.

We knew it was a bad sign when the porch AND the room's floor was covered with green indoor-outdoor carpeting, the kind that looks like plastic grass. The room was dingy and dated and smelly, but beggars couldn't be choosers right?

Then I saw it. A large dog dropping under a side table in the corner. We were disgusted, of course. We explained the situation to the manager, and asked for another room. Not that we were confident it would be any better, but why not hope?

We got the last room, apparently, which was as bad as the first, but no turds from what we could see. We peeked out the window and saw a hotel worker enter our old room with some paper towels and what appeared to be a bottle of windex. Mere minutes later, a new lucky couple moved in. We spent the night sleeping in our clothes, on top of the sheets, trying not to touch too much in the room.

Lori Williams Kresse

The Beginning Of A Noir

1984, checked in to a really cheap hotel near Broadway in NYC. As we entered, there were cops in the lobby talking about "another deadun." The door had evidence of multiple broken locks, there was building debris in the cloakroom/ cupboard, a hole into a cavity in the brick wall of the bathroom (looked like it was used for hiding something), a single loose handle shared for hot and cold water in the shower, and springs poking through the mattress. It was a dive, but conveniently located and within our price ability.

The most bizarre thing, though, was a drawer filled with 26 unopened bottles of commercial hair dye in various shades. It seemed such an odd thing to find, especially the quantity. I actually took a couple with me as a kind of proof it was real (I still have them). Now, as a teacher, I have recounted this story and asked students to come up with stories to explain. It has not failed to ignite imagination, with some elaborate plots emerging.

Will Seiler

Multiple Cartwheels


Once, we were staying in Rhode Island (near Pawtucket) in a hotel my mom had researched and booked.

First thing you see in the hotel are dingy, stained, outdated carpets. Ok, not a great welcome.

THEN, we are walking down the hall to our room, and there is a room with a mark from a BATTERING RAM. No doubt about it. I guess someone was staying there and they got in trouble and wouldn't come out. Super sketchy…

NEXT, when we come into our room, it is nowhere NEAR as large as we thought it to be. Literally as soon as you walked in, there was a small bathroom, then not even 5 feet away were the beds. If you tried to do multiple cartwheels from the wall with the TV to the wall with the beds, I don't think you would've made 2.

THE BEDS were disgusting. There were crumbs everywhere, and little black things that we couldn't see they were so small. The room was dark as well, so we decided to open the shades (we were on the ground floor, so there was a sliding door going outside. When we open the door, we are greeted by a 2-foot-wide alleyway and… A CHILD! There was a young boy (maybe 4 years old?) standing outside of our room, hanging out by himself in the alley and looking into our window. Needless to say, we closed the shades after that.

That night, we slept fully covered (despite the August heat), on top of the sheets that we had brushed crumbs off of. I think that's when we stopped staying in hotels and started staying in AirBnbs. :)

Alyson Scherer

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