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Cashiers Describe Which Of Their Customers' Purchases They Totally Judged

Working as a cashier is simultaneously one of the most boring and most interesting jobs there is. Long periods of monotonous ringing up items interspersed with interesting/frustrating/entertaining customers.

After working the job for a while, most folks stop noticing the actual items they are ringing up. Sometimes the combo of items, or the behavior of the customer, is just so bizarre that you can't help but notice.

Reddit user u/LordZozzy asked:

"Cashiers of Reddit, do you judge the customers based on the items they're buying, and if so, how? What's your weirdest story?"

That black bag


When I was 15 I worked at a DVD store. I wasn't allowed to dust and stock in the adults only section, but only one customer borrowed out from that section anyway.

Small, middle aged man with severe eczema or psoriasis, always wore a blue plastic jacket that made swishing noises when he walked. Quietly came in at 8 AM when nobody else was around, would borrow out whatever the titles were, and quickly depart. Carried a black bag and declined our transparent plastic ones. Back in my day, you had to leave your home for porn.

Even as a 15 year old girl I appreciated he seemed embarrassed and made the transaction as fast as possible. After a year of this, he came in one morning and borrowed out a single DVD.

Finding Nemo.

I guess I couldn't hide my surprise, so he said the only thing he's ever said to me. "I have clown fish, and everybody keeps telling me to watch it."

And that's it, he eventually ran out of titles I guess and stopped coming in. Over a decade later and I still remember the customer who liked MILFs and clownfish.


17 years?

Dude comes in for a frozen pizza, 6 pack of BL, pint of ben and jerry's and a pack of smokes.

"You getting the wife out of town special tonight?"

"My wife's been out of town for 17 years now"

And that's the last time i used that line.


I don't care


Worked cashier for many years when I was younger. The answer is...

No. I don't even notice. I don't notice anything. I don't want to be here. You could be buying gasoline and a lighter and tell me you're lighting someone on fire and I'd be like "Would you like a gift receipt sir"


Too many cherries

Worked at a supermarket, dude buys $300 worth of cherries. Cleared out the whole area where we had them. We weren't even having a sale. To this day I still wonder what the hell he needed that many cherries for.


Might have been a DIY liqueur person. You take cherries (or any fruit really), soak them in brandy/whiskey/etc and sugar, leave for a while and have a nice drink for sipping or gifting. All those cherries would make a lot of liqueur, making the per bottle cost reasonable.


Just be nice

For the most part I don't really care as long as they're polite.

There is this one regular who likes to bring a lot of stuff to the registers but only buys 1/3 of it (still spends heaps). She's also pretty rude. I judge the crap out of her.




When I worked at Wawa I'd get the same people buying the same coffee, breakfast and pack of cigarettes everyday. But there was this old mailman that bought a bundle of tootsie pops instead of the cigarettes everyday. I'm not sure if he ate them all day or gave them out to kids but he always made me smile. I quit that job and went on to become a mailman myself.



Alright so I'm working at dollar General, a normal night, but this guy comes in striding with confidence. Greet him with a hello, as I do with customers, but he's in the zone and forgoes the formalities. He walks straight to the movie rack and grabs a cheesy Kung Fu movie, and walks to the counter, I ring it up and it Costs $5.46. He reach in to his coat pocket and pulled out a bag of nickels and a single penny. A 109 nickels and a single penny for a Kung fu movie called, "Kung Fu masters" or something that looked like it had a 100 dollar budget. I've never had more respect for some one in my entire life. He knew what he wanted and he got it.



Not really, only customer that ever really got my attention was a lady who bought a cake that said something along the lines of "We never want to see you again". Previously when I've told this story people have said it couldve been a gag gift but going off of this ladies expression I don't think it was, she showed some real pride when she saw I noticed what was on it


More cake


We had a guy come in every week to buy a generic birthday cake. No big, except he was insistent that the cake have a seven day expiration window-essentially meaning it had to be a cake baked fresh that day, which they didn't always have. The bakery people would grumble but whatever. He wouldn't tell anyone why, usually just shrugged but one time he came in upset and didn't buy his usual cake.

He finally spilled his guts to the cashier-his wife had some pretty crippling health issues (Alzheimer's or cancer, I can't remember now) and they would celebrate every day with a piece of cake, like celebrating they were still alive and together. She had gotten sent to the hospital and they wouldn't let him bring her cake. Broke all of our hearts, and the bakery kept fresh cakes for him after that without complaint.


That's confusing

I work in online grocery fulfilment. In short, I shop for people, bag it up and place the items in rolling totes, fridge and freezers. I've seen some weird orders. One of my favorite types to speculate on is when they are 50% organic vegan items and the other half is absolute junk food and meat products.

I always visualize a couple who's polar opposites or a vegan poser who hides their guilty pleasures from their religiously vegan room mates under their bed or in a locked fridge somewhere in the house. These thoughts are all in a funny 90's sitcom style.