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Nursery Cam Catches Tree Crashing Through Roof And Narrowly Missing Sleeping Baby

Nursery Cam Catches Tree Crashing Through Roof And Narrowly Missing Sleeping Baby

Is there anything worse than a tree falling on your house?

How about a tree falling right over your nursery where your baby boy is sleeping?

Kale and Courtney Buchholtz of Baton Rouge, Louisiana recently lived through that nightmare scenario when a tree fell through their nursery while their five-month-old baby boy, Cannon, was asleep. The terrifying incident was captured on the couple's baby monitor.

It was posted on TikTok by Cannon's godmother, Baylor Leonard.

WARNING: NSFW language


when a tree hits right over your room but your big brother’s watching over you in heaven 😭 this video is crazy. we’re so lucky 🤍

Leonard accompanied the video with the caption:

"When a tree hits right over your room but your big brother's watching over you in heaven, this video is crazy, we're so lucky."

Indeed, while the falling tree resulted in extensive damage to the Buchholtz's house, baby cannon was miraculously unharmed.

In fact, as reported by Inside Edition, baby cannon was even without a scratch, and though the crash expectedly woke and startled the sleeping baby, his crying came as a relief to his mother, Courtney.

"Hearing him cry was a relief actually, because I did fear the worst. I was terrified at the thought of losing him."

Mrs. Buchholtz's posted Inside Edition's coverage of the extent of the damage to her home.

She added baby Cannon "as happy as can be."


Scariest thing that’s ever happened to us. So thankful that Cannon’s big brother in Heaven was protecting him. 👼🏼💙 Long days of rebuilding ahead 🥺

TikTok followers were quick to express their relief Kale and Courtney's little bundle of joy was safe and unharmed.







As reported by apbLive, The Buchholtzs along with baby Cannnon and their dogs, also unharmed following the accident, have temporarily taken refuge with cousins while their house undergoes repairs.

While rebuilding a damaged home is enough to make even the calmest person break into hives, Mrs. Buchholtz remains fairly resilient, as indicated by a Facebook post.

As stated in the above post, this isn't even the first time the couple had to deal with home damage due to inclement weather.

"Trying to remember that all of our material things (once again) can be replaced. We did it once in 2016.. we'll do it again."

Nor does home damage seem to be the biggest hardship the family suffered.

As indicated in both Mrs. Buchholtz's and Ms. Leonard's TikTok posts, baby Cannon has a predeceased older brother.

Answering an inquisitive TikTok follower, Mrs. Buchholtz revealed Cannon's older brother died of a stomach infection, after being born prematurely.


Considering all the Buchholtz family has been through, their whole family coming out of the terrifying incident completely unharmed almost makes up for any damage caused by a falling tree.