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A Popular Tootsie Pop Theory Has Been Officially Debunked—And Our Childhood Was A Lie 😩

The rumor was passed from child to child like a cherished treasure... if you ever find a Tootsie pop wrapper with a star on it, you could redeem the wrapper for another free Tootsie pop! Why Tootsie allowed this strange promotion was always a mystery. How could they possibly make money? And why not simply buy the Tootsie pops with stars on the wrapper? It all seemed too good to be true.

Turns out it was.

A spokesperson from Tootise recently confirmed to TODAY Food that the supposed free Tootsie pops aren't real. What's more, for the past ten years, Tootsie's website has featured an explicit message debunking the popular childhood rumor. It turns out the story has followed Tootise around since its inception in 1931.

The message from Tootsie reads:

Unfortunately, we do not know how this rumor started and Tootsie Roll Industries has never actually honored this promotion. In fact, the shooting star appears on 1 in every 4 to 6 Tootsie Pop wrappers, just as frequent as the other images appear. However, we do believe the star is a sign of good luck to come.

The real question is, of course, why would Tootsie lie?

Tootsie fans on Twitter were understandably disappointed.

And if you weren't aware of the urban legend... well, no harm no foul.

Fortunately, for those of us who have been let down by the harsh realities of society, Tootsie offers this beautiful symbolic meaning for the Tootsie star:

Mr. Owl informed us that one night he was sitting on his branch and he came across a shooting star in the sky. He suggested that we add the shooting star on the Tootsie Pop wrapper to give our fans the necessary luck that may be needed to find out just how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.

Life changing stuff. Just as good as a cherished childhood memory for sure.

H/T - Today, Tootsie