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Cancer Survivor Finds Out Her Meds Will Be Over $18k A Month Without Insurance—And TikTok Is Pissed

Cancer Survivor Finds Out Her Meds Will Be Over $18k A Month Without Insurance—And TikTok Is Pissed

$18,000 is a reasonable price for a car. $18,000 is an understandable amount for college or university.

There are quite a few things that warrant a bill of $18,000.

But $18,000 a month for medication needed while in remission from cancer is not one of them.

A TikTok is going viral after a cancer survivor shared video on her page that highlighted the flaws in the U.S. healthcare system after she found out her medications would cost $18,000 a month without insurance.


So I’m self pay RN, THIS is the convo with the pharmacy that sends out my very important sleep meds… #cataplexy #merica #healthinsurance #ostomy #EDS

In the 27-second video, TikToker Abigail Gingerail (@abigailgingeraleofficial) can be seen and heard on a phone call with a medical professional.

Viewers can then hear her husband, who is out of view of the camera, speaking with a tone of absolute shock after he and Abigail find out what the cost of her medication is going to be for a one month supply.


When finding out his wife's necessary medications will cost them an astronomical $18,000 a month, Abigail's husband can be heard saying:

“How do you f**king justify that?"
"That’s so outrageous.”

Trying to mediate the conversation and keep her husband calm, Abigail responded to her husband with:

“Let me talk; let me talk."

She then proceeded to say to the medical professional:

“No, no, no it’s OK."
"I know you’re not the one who makes the prices."
"It’s just kind of comical.”




The text within the video reads "Chronic illness with no health insurance 😂👌🤌" which indicates Abigail is currently without healthcare coverage which can be the root source of these issues for many people in the United States.

Abigail's TikTok bio also informs followers she is a survivor of colon cancer and the medications she's trying to purchase in the video are a direct result of that illness.

TikTokers were outraged at the cost of Abigail's prescriptions, knowing full well the price is not something most people can afford.

Trying to be of help, many TikTokers suggested Abigail look at websites like GoodRx or the recently unveiled Cost Plus Drug Company.

According to Abigail, though, those options are not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the cost of prescriptions.





The TikTok, which was posted five days ago, has nearly 600,000 views, 40,000 likes and 2,500 comments.

In a follow-up video, Abigail voices her appreciation for everyone's suggestions and for trying to help but was quick to point out the complexity of having to buy such niche prescriptions that aren't carried by all pharmacies nor are there generic options available.


Reply to @apocalypse.jane To address the frequent comments about Mark Cubans new website… 🤣❤️✌🏻#healthinsurance #ostomy #cataplexy #sleepmedication

In the video, Abigail said:

“I appreciate all your comments and help trying to find this drug for cheaper while being self-pay, but Mark Cuban’s website doesn’t do sh*t."
"His website is for generic medication."
"Things like antibiotics, simple things."

Abigail went on to elaborate:

“The medication that I need and a lot of overpriced medications are usually only at one or two, or several pharmacies in the U.S., and so they can charge a ridiculous amount for it, even though they also charge insurance companies a ridiculous amount so you’d think that they’d be paid enough to help people that are self-pay."
"I’m not looking for anything free, but $18,000 a month is a joke.”

TikTokers were quick to share their own health insurance stories, hoping to show Abigail she wasn't alone in her struggle.



Here's to hoping the U.S. healthcare system gets its act together sooner rather than later.