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Maine Animal Shelter Looks To Find Home For Sweet Dog Who Has Been There For Nearly 4 Years

Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills

Almost 1,500 days ago, Ginger was brought to Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills as a stray. She lives a comfortable life there, and is loved by the staff, but after nearly four years, they've decided it's time to find Ginger a permanent home.

Looking into Ginger's giant puppy dog eyes, it's hard not to fall in love, but the 7-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier hasn't had any luck finding someone to take her home in almost four years.

So the Maine animal shelter where she has been staying over the last 1,456 days made one last effort to find her a forever home, asking on Facebook if anyone had room in their home and heart for Ginger.

Staff and volunteers described Ginger as the shelter's "little princess," saying "She is an amazing dog, and all the staff here at Responsible Pet Care love her deeply, but she needs a HOME!!!"

Older animals already face challenges finding homes, for Ginger it has been even more difficult.

Ginger is an outgoing and loving dod, according to Pat Ingersoll, the canine director at the shelter, but she also has issues with resource guarding and can become defensive with food, toys, or even people.

"Because she is such a unique and loving dog, we don't want to put her in a situation where she can fail," Ingersoll said. "She needs the perfect home, not just any home."

Ginger has never bitten anyone and with the right environment Ingersoll thinks it should stay that way. The ideal home for Ginger would be with a single person or an older couple with no other pets.

After the Facebook post Ginger's story went viral.





And the shelter was flooded with comments, calls and visitors all interested in Ginger.

As of an hour ago, Ginger is still up for adoption, but there seems to be a cornucopia of people who want her:

With any luck it looks like Ginger might finally be getting a home.



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