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'Grey's Anatomy' Star Ellen Pompeo Eloquently Defends Fan's Right To Call Season 17 'Trash'

'Grey's Anatomy' Star Ellen Pompeo Eloquently Defends Fan's Right To Call Season 17 'Trash'
VALERIE MACON / AFP / Getty Images

It's easy for a big show like Grey's Anatomy to receive criticism. One might even think its enduring popularity makes it a target for critique.

The most recent season saw a shift in presentation and format, as the realities of a worldwide pandemic worked their way into the show. Storylines revolved around the disease and other current events, and filming had to be adjusted to account for social distancing.

Some fans appreciated how the reflection of reality could elevate the emotional core of the series.

But not everyone is so positive.

One commenter disagreed and couldn't stand the new season.

It's common for fans of a show to not like some aspects, and vent them online. However, it's rarer for the star of the show to actually respond.

Ellen Pompeo, who plays the titular Dr. Meredith Grey, responded to the tweet, reassuring the critic that she was more than welcome to be unimpressed with the recent season.

She even thanked the commenter for the thought.

People were amazed at Pompeo's tact and appreciation.

Fans were just super happy with the show overall.

But that's not to say there wasn't some debate.

Grey's Anatomy just wrapped up their 17th season, and has been renewed for an 18th. The show follows the lives of fictional doctors in their careers as they deal with medical emergencies and personal drama.

The long running series is coming up on its 400th episode. If the next season has at least 20 episodes, it'll definitely hit that milestone.