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People Reveal The Stupidest Questions They've Ever Been Asked

Some people say there's no such thing as a stupid question. Well, they're wrong, and this thread shows why. Behold some of the dumbest questions ever asked of your fellow Redditors.

Yurtle_212 asked, What was the stupidest thing someone has asked you 100% seriously?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

No, we can't change the road because of the Sun. This is how West works.


I work in a toll booth and was working on the westbound side. A lady drove up to my booth really mad, which is par for the course but I digress. She told me that every day she takes this route home from work, and every. single. day. the sun is directly in her eyes... Well of course, shes driving westbound at 6 pm. When I mentioned this she brushed it off and asked "well can't you change the direction of the road or at least put a cover over it?! I can't be the only person who is bothered by this!"


A divine mystery.

My 21 year old sister once asked my entire family at dinner if Nuns don't have sex where do they get more nuns. That takes the cake for me.


When you're a twin and you don't know which one you are...

I am an identical twin and one time a girl asked me if we get each other confused.


Really? Do you see any land in the sky?

I was at my cottage looking at the stars at night with a friend and she turned to me and asked: "are there countries in the sky?" I didn't know what she meant so I asked her to explain and then she said: "Well, are there any countries in the world that are just kind of, in the sky?" I was so confused that I just sat there in silence but eventually she says "I mean, is there land on the earth in the sky where people live that are countries?" At that point I just gave up and said "no" and she replied "oh, okay" so reassuringly.


This contractual genius.


For context, I work in a phone shop.

Customer: What is this? (Hands me his bill)

Me: This is your bill.

Customer: But I already paid it.

Me: Well then, don't worry about it.

Customer: No, I mean I paid it last month.

Me: Oh, this is just your second bill then.


Me: Last month's bill, yes. This is your next bill.


Me: ... yes ... that's what a phone contract is. You signed a contract for 2 years didn't you?

Customer: Yeah.

Me: So you will get a bill each month for 2 years then.

Customer: WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

He legit thought he would only get a single $90 bill for his brand new iPhone over the entire 2 years of his contract...


The rocks are just to mess with you.

I'm a whitewater raft guide.

One of my customers asked me why they put rocks in the river if they're so dangerous.


Does beef come from chickens?

Waited on a woman who asked me what kind of meat was in our beef taco salad.

Lady: what kind of meat is in your beef taco salad?

Me : Beef

L: what kind of beef?

Me: Beef, ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning.

L: No, I mean is it pork or chicken?

Me: Ma'am, it's beef, it's from a cow. It's beef.



"How did we build the mountains?" - my brothers fiance, while we drove through the Rockies



Not me, but our safari guide in South Africa said he once heard a woman ask her husband, "Honey, is that the same moon we see in Texas?"


What do you think French fries are made of?


Someone was placing an order once at my family's restaurant, and they had asked me for a side of French fries without the potatoes. I assumed she was joking, so I laughed...she wasn't joking. She got offended and left the restaurant lol


Map It Out

If it was possible to even land a plane on Japan because it's so small.

Because, you know, maps are a 1:1 description of the world


"I don't know Lloyd, according to this map we've only gone about 4 inches."


Don't Be A Baby

I'm a postpartum nurse. A patient asked me "when will the doctor be here to pierce my nipples so I can breastfeed?"


It sounds like something her dad or husband told her for a giggle and promptly forgot about.


Mrs. Potato Head

Someone was placing an order once at my family's restaurant, and they had asked me for a side of French fries without the potatoes. I assumed she was joking, so I laughed...she wasn't joking. She got offended and left the restaurant.


Yeah tf. She wanted oil and salt?


Beam Me Up

I worked in a pizza restaurant when I was 16. They had a pizza they called a UFO pizza. It was just another slab of dough on top of a regular pizza, and it made it look like an orb, hence the name.

One day a guy that worked there was writing down a telephone order, turns around and says "hey guys, how do you spell UFO??" The owner looked mortified and just repeated "youuu eefff ohhh!!". He stared back in silence for a few moments before it hit him.


On The Level


People visiting Alaska on a cruise would walk onto the dock-- a dock portruding into the pacific ocean-- then look up at the mountains and ask what elevation we were at.

1 foot, ma'am. You are standing on a dock which is at sea level.


My experience on an Alaskan cruise had a lady complaining to the front desk that it was too cold outside for her kid to swim.


Excel-lent Boss

My current boss asked me to "make the pages smaller" so she can see all of them" she had excel zoomed in to 200% and thought I was just sending things in font 46. This person has been in her position for 12 years. Ugh.


Weight Of The World

Was a Mac Genius for 7 years, customer asked if her iPod would get heavier as she puts more music on it.


"For maximum efficiency, stick to light jazz, avoid heavy metal."



I have a buzz cut. A guy at work recently asked, dead seriously "Do you cut your hair? Or does it only grow that long?"


I got a haircut with bangs when I was around 13 and, when I showed up to school the next day, one of my classmates asked me how I grew them so fast.




In high school, we were warming up before a baseball game one evening and some really ominous ,dark clouds started rolling in. One of my teammates very seriously asked "Is that a storm or is that just night coming?". I will never forget that.