Nah...not today. Not. Today.

Ever had that thing happen where you know you simply cannot stay where you are at that moment in time? Where the world has changed and become so awkward and unsafe that you just gotta run away as soon as humanly possible?

Those times teach us our limits as a person. They're still uncomfortable as all get-out, but at least we learned something.

u/NickyTys asked:

Reddit, what was your "Nope I'm out" moment?

Here were some of the answers.

Children Of The Corn


Went to field party in the middle of the night with my then-boyfriend and his coworkers/acquaintances. Walked up to a group standing in a circle drinking moonshine. Pretty normal. Listened to a couple of guys discuss how easy and fun it was to rob Subways sandwich shops for an easy couple hundred bucks. I didn't know any of these people and basically did the Homer Simpson melt into the bushes (but in a cornfield).



I was out somewhere, not too far away from a mid-sized rust belt town, but off the main streets, and had to take a dump.

I pull into a gas station and walk into the door and see someone over in the maintenance bay. Maybe they can let me use the bathroom.

I open the door and see 4 dudes standing there, in two pairs facing each other.

They all look a little rough. One man is bleeding from his eye brow pretty bad.

The dude next to the bleeding guy just says, "Son, you should leave."

I left.


Mood Killer


I met this guy during my online dating phase many years ago. We were at his place making out and clothes started to come off. I really had the urge to pee, so I told him I had to use the toilet. To my dismay, it was the dirtiest bathroom in a home I have ever seen. Not outdated, the building was recently built, but just unclean. The bottom of the toilet bowl was covered in I don't know what, but it was not white. Everything covered in dust. Hair every where, on the counter, floor. No toilet paper.

I got out of the bathroom and was like "I'm sorry I can't do this". I put my pants back on, grabbed my purse, and bolted out the door.


Take Me To Your Leader

An old "friend" invited me out to come support her business ventures. Turned out it was a multi-level marketing meeting, and they were recruiting. Everybody was in the exact same suit, it seemed, and then they herded the rest of us into another room where we watched their promotional video and asked for our financial support. Noooooope.


You'll Make Me No Such Thing

Guy I was hoping to date started going on about how he refuses to get a job or go to school because "He can't, he's disabled and depressed and anxious" and how he wanted me so I could take care of him.

I don't need to take care of a grown man like he's a 5-year-old child when we BOTH have disabilities and I can barely take care of myself. I referred him to the same disability programs that I take advantage of, the state vocational rehabilitation offices that help find jobs catered to people's disabilities, my mental health programs, etc. His response every time was "No, I don't need those. I just need you to take care of me."

I told him I have disabilities too and disability is no excuse to choose to slum around in your room all day while other people care for you. He is a grown man and if he's capable of talking to me on social media, playing video games, and talking about kinks online (another reason I noped) then he's capable of contacting the state and county disability resources for assistance at becoming independent. He wouldn't hear of it and insisted he needed to find a girl to take care of him and that's all he needed. I told him I wasn't going to be that girl.

Oh and the other reason I noped out was because he insisted he would "make" me accept his kinky lifestyle even though I told him I'm not a kinky girl. Yeah no, bye.


Narrow Escape


I was walking down an alleyway on the way home from school, there is a tunnel where a train goes over top. There were four guys at the end of the tunnel wearing masks, they saw me stop and hesitate and said " don't worry we're waiting for someone else ". I decided to go the long way home that day.


No Capacity

Was hanging out with a girl I met in the bar. We went back to her place, just chilling and then she somehow slipped and said that she does hard drugs.

Nope I'm out.


Such A Feminist

I was out on a first date. The guy was a jerk who would't let me speak. He spent the entire evening blabbing about how much of a feminist he was. I was already prepared to leave when he told me he had a colonoscopy the previous week and proceeded to describe the entire procedure, in detail.


Saving Money And Waist Lines


I used to get the bus to work every day, it is slow and expensive but it had to be done at the time. One day I ran for a bus which was sat at a bus stop with someone still paying, the driver saw me and closed the doors and drove off just as I got to the step.

I then got a bike and now do 13 miles a day to avoid paying them a penny more. Come rain or shine.


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