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Georgia Woman Arrested After Firing A Gun In McDonald's For The Pettiest Of Reasons

What would you do if you were served cold fries at McDonald's?

If you're Lillian Tarver from Garden City, Georgia, your answer takes things just a couple steps too far.

Reportedly, Tarver approached the counter, VERY unhappy about how cold her fries were. The store's manager went to go get her some new ones.

Before the manager could grab new fries, however, Tarver followed the staff into the kitchen, started a brawl, then fired a gunshot into the floor.

Detective Roberto Rodriquez from Garden City Police Department thought there might be more to the incident than met the eye:

"Upon officers arriving on the scene they observed the suspect fleeing the scene in a black Nissan Altima. Officers then engaged in a vehicle pursuit since the vehicle refused to stop."
"The suspect surrendered in the area of Fitzgerald Street, Savannah, Georgia. The suspect Lillian Tarver was apprehended. It was revealed through an investigation that the incident at McDonald's was an armed robbery."

Though the gunshot grabbed most of the attention from headlines, Lynn Watson, an employee at the McDonald's, said there was a physical altercation that lead up to the shot being fired.

As Tarver drew her gun, she allegedly said:

"This is serious, and I need to find a way to get out of it. Like, I need to find a way to get out and be alive."

Some outlets are reporting that Tarver then took money from the register before leaving.

There were no injuries.

Tarver was later arrested and charged with 12 crimes, including "aggravated assault, battery, armed robbery and reckless conduct."

Twitter provided some other ways Tarver could have handled the situation.

But on the other hand...

Whether or not you think Tarver's actions were justified, McDonald's employees will probably be thinking twice before serving up cold fries.

So, an upside I guess?

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