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Students Share The Dumbest Thing They've Heard A Teacher Say

Teachers are supposed to be the impart knowledge to young minds, but not all teachers are actually qualified for their jobs. It's unsettling when you feel like you're the knowledgable one in the room.

u/kripsykraem asked:

What is the dumbest thing you have heard a teacher say?

Here were some of the jaw dropping answers.

No, You ARE A Teacher


Had a high school algebra teacher that would never teach us anything. She was always in a bad mood, just had us read the book in class, and told us questions weren't allowed because we could just google it.

One bold student told her off for doing a terrible job and she yelled, "I'm a facilitator, NOT a teacher."

She got fired before the year ended.


Ever Heard Of Pangea?

I have a coworker that called a kid dumb after she put all of the continents together touching each other rather than in the proper place in the puzzle. You shouldn't call a kindergartner dumb for discovering evidence of plate tectonics. The teacher actually didn't know about it.


Backfiring Plan


My third grade teacher thought killer whales were sharks. I wish I was joking. He started to get angry and told me to go to the library and do my research. I came back to prove him wrong. He didn't like me too much after that.


It's Called A Solution

A science lesson in primary school.

Teacher gets a box of sugar, salt, and a cup of warm water.

First he puts in the sugar and talks about how it dissolves.

Then he puts the salt in and talks about how it doesn't dissolve, but it does.


Wrong And Offensive

"People from India aren't called Indians, they're called Hindus. The only Indians are native Americans."

Bear in mind this was New Zealand so there was no one there to be offended by this and when a couple of us told him he was wrong he played the "I'm a teacher, you're a student!" card.


The Romans


The Romans built our railway.

I thought that they were trying to say that some of the roads were first designed/layed out by the Romans but after further questioning it turns out that they did in fact think that the Romans had built the rail system and were happy to argue with me when I said they might need to double check.

That's some crossed logic wiring there.



A teacher confidently say that us students only knew 12% of the English language and that's she knew 60%. She made an example of me by asking what Brandish meant.

I said "to hold up something, usually a sword". She confidently replied "wrong! It means to polish!".

I said "maybe you're thinking of "Burnish"?

She then told me I was wrong and attempted to move on with class. Another student whipped out their phone and Googled it and said I was right.

He got a detention for having his phone out.



I had a horticulture teacher in high school tell us plants take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, just like people do. That's why people can't live in forests and there aren't any plants in cities. We're fighting over the oxygen.


Rusty Apples


I was a teacher, and I heard another chemistry teacher say apples turn brown in the air because they have iron and they were rusting. Another time I walked in on my biology co-teacher drawing a diagram on the board and had labeled the vaginal canal as 8-9" long.


Gross Insensitivity

"Anyone who tells you they have depression is just looking for attention. I knew a kid who jumped of a grain elevator and lost his head on the way down. If you ask me he was stupid to look for attention that way. Best thing to do when someone tells you they are suicidal is to ignore them"

He said to my 8th grade class 2 years after I lost my uncle to suicide, which destroyed every member of my family in a different way.