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People Share The One Lingering Criticism They Received And Are Still Self-Conscious About

We're all self-conscious about something, and it doesn't help when our faults get thrown in our faces. You don't want doctors hinting that something is "weird down there," nor do you want someone to tell you you're balding. WE KNOW.

Snyd777 asked Reddit: What is something that someone has said to you, that made you self-conscious ever since?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Grandma: "you need a new nose."


Nobody in my family has had or talked about wanting plastic surgery, but for my 16th birthday my grandmother matter-of-factly asked if I wanted her to cover the cost of a nose job.

I didn't think anything was wrong with my nose until that moment.


To be honest, most people do actually hate their noses. I watched a plastic surgery video and the surgeon said something along the lines of "a tune up that everyone would look better with is a nose job".

I'm not self conscious about my nose too much, it's just something I nit pick at because we're our own harshest critics. But if someone offered me a free nose job I'd take it.


Really? I've always liked my nose.


I've always been completely indifferent to noses, both mine and anyone else's. Don't know why, just never really noticed big or small noses and have no preference at all.


Ouch. Hair of any kind is a delicate trait.

Got called a Gorilla through most of grade school because I had relatively thick arm hair for a girl.


My niece, who would have been four at the time, turned to her dad and said "Look, Ophelia's got arms like yours."

Joke's on her now, once she hit puberty she got em too.


Something that weighs on me HEAVILY even now was the time I expressed surprise at how thick one of my female friends arm hair was. At the time, it was meant innocently, but looking back I'm crippled with embarrassment at how unintentionally cruel that was.

So on behalf of anyone who's ever mentioned it without meaning to be cruel, I am so sorry for ever bringing attention to it. It wasn't meant in a mean way but words are hard and people are dumb.


Worn hands are busy, strong hands.


A boy told me on the bus that my hands were wrinkly. He was right. I'm 25 but my hands look like a 65 year old's hand. Before he pointed it out, I had never noticed.

Edit: Just something funny I thought I'd add: an ex of mine told me once that my hands were like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and that one day I would be a hand model. That still makes me smile!


I lift weights a lot so my hands are very callused. I was walking through the mall and this lady at a kiosk stopped me and commented on how disgusting my hands and skin were. It's hurt me ever since.


Really doc?

About 10 years ago at the gynecologist. It's already awkward af, but during small talk the gyno went on and on about how "it's okay, we all look different down there". To this day I still can't figure out if i'm somehow deformed and still think about that comment to this day.

Update: Thanks for the kind comments everyone! I'm kind of glad to know i'm not the only one who's experienced something like this. Maybe i'm "normal" after all. :)


There's an art piece (nsfw) where someone cast a whole bunch of vajayjays. I was never super self conscious about mine but it definitely shows that they're all different. Maybe your gyno had just seen a lot of women that would ask if it looked normal and wanted to just drive the point home.


If someone's singing sucks - just let them sing.

My 5th grade teacher told me to stop singing during a Christmas school concert rehearsal because I didn't sound good. 25 years later I'm still haunted by that day. I've been told I sound good but can't shake what the teacher said that day.


My mom did this to me. She had said some off hand comment when we were on a road trip, bumping some beats and singing and she was like "don't do that in public." And I've been super self conscious about my singing ever since


Backhanded compliments, always fun.


"Yeah, my ex girlfriend is probably the hottest girl I've ever f*cked. She was just more my type. You have a nicer body though."


I hate when someone says that. Like it's a insult disguised as a "compliment". One guy told me about how pretty a girl was but then said, "but you have nicer boobs." We weren't even talking about me to start with. How the fuck did I get brought into this.


Shut up, I know.

"Hey, did you know you're balding on the back of your head?" I do now, thanks.


Don't kill kids' creativity, it'll ruin them.

In high school I had a teacher tell me publicly that several of her classes unanimously said I was the worst story teller in the school. I love writing but now every time I start writing a story, I just lose motivation because I remember that.

I'm not a good artist at all, but this same teacher also told the entire class that my drawing was terrible. It wasn't even an art class. I was really proud of the drawing prior to that. Now I just stick to stick figures.


What the heck was wrong with that teacher?! I had some bad ones, but they takes the cake!


I don't know! Luckily, she quit teaching a couple years after I graduated.


This "poop head."


I had a crush in middle school on a boy who was pretty popular, where I was not. He used to call me "squirrel," and eventually I worked up the courage to ask him why. He said that I had fat cheeks. That was 15 years ago, and even though I'm pretty small and always have been, I'm still self conscious about gaining weight out of fear it will go to my face. Now he likes my Instagram photos all of the time, poop head.


This plot twisted about 3 times.


"Poop head" was the ultimate twist.


This is praise IMO.

You're the most awkward person I've ever met.


You're the most awkward person they've ever met so far.


Well you do use Reddit.


Eyebrows: there should be two.

In middle school one of my classmates commented on my having a unibrow. So I shaved it, and it just made it more pronounced. These days I use tweezers to get rid of the extra crazy hairs, but don't worry about it as much as I used to.

That being said, f*ck you Jason.


Don't steal people's sunshine.


Well, a guy I used to sit next to in one of my classes my senior year of high school (assigned seating) said I annoyed him on a regular basis because I smiled and laughed "too much". It actually did make me suppress my personality a little a bit because it made me feel like a fool and self-conscious when he said it. But after some time I realized, so what? If I'm so inclined, I can express all the joy I feel. He can be a grump if he wants.

Funny thing, a few years later I met my now bf and one of the things he said first struck him about me was how much of a happy person I am. I'm glad I didn't let that guys words get to me permanently.


Glad you didn't either. F*ck that guy. People that laugh a lot and smile a lot brighten my day, and i'm sure you brighten people's as well. Rock on.


Ofc your bf is right. I love people who smile a lot. Even if it's for the stupidests jokes on earth.


Date better guys. Guys: you're gross too.

Two things.

One of my exes made a comment about my "snail trail". You know, the white marks that 99% of women leave in their underwear because of their natural bodily functions. But the way he said it made it sound so disgusting, that it left me self-conscious and to this day I hide all of my underwear before anyone can see it.

The other was intended to be nasty. I was told by another ex (yeah, all charmers, I know) that I always talk to much and it ruins every conversation I have, and that no one likes talking to me because of it. Even though I know he was being a dick, it still picks away at the back of my head every time I talk to someone.

So yeah. What you say to people can make a huge difference in their lives, everyone. Take care with them.


I used to be super self conscious about my underwear too. I remember one day I left a pair on the floor and my (now) husband walked into the room and I freaked out and was like "ah dont look at my underwear!" he just gave me a funny look and said "what? do you think I've never seen womens underwear before?" Ever since then I havent cared because he was just so whatever about it.


Rock your curls if you're fortunate enough to have them.

I was told that my curly hair was ugly and bushy by a couple of people, but one situation in particular that stands out is when the main asswipe in my class Jordan, complained to the teacher that he couldn't see the TV past my hair. All the other kids started laughing and I remember wanting to disappear so bad. Nearly ten years later and I'm still learning to embrace my curly hair and not compulsively straighten it at every opportunity.


I f*cking love curly hair rock that sh*t.


This is not how you mom, Mom.

Mother told me on numerous occasions that I couldn't trust anything good anyone said to me, that she was the only one who would tell me the truth. She'd follow it by saying no one would ever want me if I was heavy.

Thanks mom. I have life long trust issues, and never believe anyone's compliments about anything, especially my looks. I always feel self conscious about my appearance and hate going out in public.


Bad mom.


What's your biggest source of self-consciousness?