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Ashton Kutcher Catches Wife Mila Kunis Breaking 'Dry January' Red-Handed In Hilarious Video

Ashton Kutcher Catches Wife Mila Kunis Breaking 'Dry January' Red-Handed In Hilarious Video

If you're a person who loves a tipple and you've ever tried "Dry January," the annual tradition of not drinking alcohol for the entire first month of the New Year, you know it's no easy task.

And it doesn't get any easier just because you're a celebrity of course, as actors Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis proved earlier this week when Kutcher caught Kunis cheating on the endeavor.

In an Instagram video posted earlier this week, Kutcher sneaked up on Kunis as she was in the act of ending her alcohol fast before the final day was up, and the reasoning she gave was instantly relatable to anyone who's ever made a "Dry January" attempt.

See the video below.

In the video, Kutcher was seen huddling around a corner whispering about his wife's suspected cheating.

“It's still Dry January, and me and Mila have been doing Dry January. And I think she is breaking Dry January right now,”

He then sneaked up on her and asked her what she was doing, to which Kunis laughed and replied, "Nothing." Very convincing! She then brazenly put a pod into a cocktail-making machine and said simply, "I'm making a cocktail" as Kutcher jokingly demanded an explanation.

When informed her that January 31st is still "Dry January," Kunis had the perfect response.

"Nope. No I work off the lunar calendar? So it's ‘Wet February’ for me right now. Don't worry about it!”

It's an airtight defense. Judgment for the defendant, the prosecution rests, case closed!

On Instagram, people absolutely loved this relatable moment--and most people were firmly Team Kunis on this one.

So there you go--next year, if you're struggling with Dry January, just revert to the lunar calendar and you'll be all set.